June 21, 2014

Americans Waste $4 Billion on Outdated Dryers

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While some appliances have moved into the future, the humble dryer has been stuck in the past. As refrigerators, washing machines and other things have evolved and become much more energy efficient, the clothes dryer really hasn’t changed much over the decades. As a result, Americans waste $4 billion every single year on clunky, outdated drying technology. That’s why the Natural Resources Defense Council is calling for change, from the way we use dryers to the way they are made.

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Natural Resources Defense Council, Natural Resources Defense Council dyers, energy efficiency, energy efficient appliances, energy efficient dryers, energy inefficiency, energy inefficient dryers, energy inefficient appliances, dryer technology, dryer efficiency, appliances, improving efficiency, improving efficiency in the home, home efficiency,

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Jason Grant: Away At Home

I’ve blogged about this styling rock star before but Aussie stylist Jason Grant is the cat’s meow in styling at the moment so I must highlight him again. I heard about Mr. Grant a few years ago for the first time and have been a fan since – I really enjoyed his first book, A Place Called Home, and can hardly wait for his next one, Away At Home, to be published by Rizzoli which will drop this Fall and is a collaboration with photographer Lauren Bamford. I saw it already cover-to-cover and fell in love. In it, Jason talks about how to live everyday like you are on vacation with inspiration and tips for creating a relaxed boho-vibe at home and he provides much insight on a myriad of decorating ideas for creating your own private resort right in your home. Of course, after the babysitter comes to scoop up the children and whisk them away to the nearby playground (wink).

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 11.30.35 AM


Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 11.32.59 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 11.31.18 AM

Screen Shot 2014-06-21 at 11.32.17 AM

The above pics are a few that show his carefree beachside apartment in Sydney, as shown in Inside Out magazine.

I recently got to talk to Jason about what’s hot and what’s not, I thought you’d be interested in hearing what he has to say…

First, his 5 favorite things: 1: Favorite look: Relaxed, laidback and casual – nothing too over styled // 2: Favorite trend – nature // 3: Favorite object – something on your wish list // 4: Another favorite object – something you see everywhere at the moment – like yellow (still) – I love it // 5: Favorite miscellaneous - I love to decorate with timber combined with a pop of colour. I think this is my signature look.

Why do you like these five – what attracts you? I’m attracted to colour and nature, happy colours and interiors that reflect the owners personality.

What trends are you tired of? Replica furniture

What do you predict will be hot next? Anything Hawaiian-themed — but no more pineapples!!!

If you’re not familiar with Australian interiors and styling, then here are few spreads from magazines that he has worked for showing his styling work so you can catch a glimpse…


Jason is such an inspiration and I hope that you get to check out his work, buy his books and tap into this great talented guy.

Are you a Jason Grant fan? If so, why?

(images: inside out magazine, rizzoli books)

Stunning German Home + Studio Oink

Hello everyone! Okay so I have to highlight a recent home tour and article that I just found in my inbox from the beautiful Est Magazine because it’s a pretty swank pad based in Germany and as an American living here at the moment, it’s always exciting to see what’s happening in my own part of the world. I feel like everything beautiful and cool that is what I consider tasteful, enviable, drool-worthy… is coming out of Los Angeles or Sydney at the moment. I know that’s NOT the case, as this home clearly shows, so that’s why I really want to highlight it. If you don’t live in southern California or Australia one can feel a bit like they are missing out on all of the interiors fun!


This home is in Wiesbaden, Germany and is owned by interior designers and stylists Lea Korzeczek and Matthias Hiller of Studio Oink, a design studio focused on set design and residential interior design. I adore their marble floor, which really surprised me because normally I don’t go for tile or marble in living spaces (wet spaces, yes – kitchen, entry, laundry, bathroom, etc.). The marble is so classy I think, and being beige vs. the gray marble you normally see, it is warm and welcoming as marble can often feel very sterile. I wouldn’t go as far to say that this apartment feels “warm” though, it still has a coolness about it but that is obviously what this talented duo was going for – something upscale and posh. Mission accomplished. James Bond could live here.





I personally like the details, like the texture of the wall behind the art above, the coastal-theme artwork, the soft tones, the lighting, the wooden chairs and the gorgeous sheepskin throw. I, of course, like the addition of fresh flowers – especially the floppy romantic peony. Well done.

Here are some of their other projects below; also quite stunning and minimalistic but with pretty accents that draw you in. Their rooms look like they could be in films. I particularly adore the kitchen below…


The fresh green plants really call to me, especially the above shot with a peek of greenery through the old wooden windows… These photos are all so light and bright, a big vitamin D injection for sure.

What do you like about these spaces? See anything that calls out to you?

PSST: Studio Oink also has a blog that I just started following called Grand et Petit. Check it out. They have a lovely little online shop too.

(images: studio oink)

Help Save the World’s Oceans by Supporting the Ocean Cleanup Array!

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Plastic waste in the ocean is no joke – there are millions of tons of it out there, wreaking all kinds of havoc on sea life and the ocean’s ecology. It’s easy to feel helpless, especially since the problem has become so enormous, but there is a way that even the most land-locked citizens can help clean things up. The Ocean Cleanup Array, invented by 19-year old Boyan Slat, has proven to be a viable solution for cleaning the oceans – and that’s where you come in. Right now the Ocean Cleanup team is looking for funding to launch the project so that we can finally start removing a significant amount of plastic from the ocean, and your donation could make all the difference.


Read the rest of Help Save the World’s Oceans by Supporting the Ocean Cleanup Array!

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Core77 Design Awards 2014: Watch the Writing & Commentary Jury Announcement!


We'd like to give a big thank you to all of the jurors, entrants, honorees and viewers for helping make this one of the best Core77 Design Awards to date! To top off this exciting week of live announcements, we have an impressive jury team that hails from the pages (web and print) of Gizmodo, Metropolis, The New York Times and Fast Company, among many other publications. Follow along as Jury Captain Alissa Walker, Jade Chang and Margaret Wappler (joined in spirit by Carolina A. Miranda) walk us through their winners for the Writing & Commentary category live from Los Angeles, California:

Winner: Aileen Kwun - Arts and Letters
Runner-up: Eric Heiman - (Re)Brand USA
» "What the pack?" Media Project - Tsaritsyno Reloaded
» Chappell Ellison - You'll Never Guess the Amazing Ways Online Design Writing and Criticism Has Changed

Winner: Ian Besler - Super Models: Or Some Scale Models I'd like to Know
Runner-up: Nicola Mitchell - Open Source, Communication and Collaboration
Notable: Oscar Pipson - Transitional Spaces



Core77 Design Awards 2014: Watch the Transportation Jury Announcement!


Day five of the Core77 Design Awards is quickly coming to a close. After a week full of impressive designs and jury members, we've only got one more category (Writing & Commentary) to follow-up with after we hear from the current category in the spotlight: Transportation. Join Cadillac's Christine Pak and Jeff Nield, RTT USA's Curtis Evey and Curb Industry's Alan Macey as they share this program's winners:

Winner: Basten Leijh - Sandwichbikes
Runner-up: Paul Wylde - New JetBlue Airbus A321 Cabin Interior Design
Notable: Alon Karpman - The "Hanzo" Dropthrough Wingtail

Winner: Martin Skogholt Hansen / Mikael Johansen - The Future of Offshore Supply
» Apurba Pawar - Link 500: Concept Railtrack Layer
» Maxime DEPECKER - La Bicyclette
» Alexander Turesson - Rescue R-01
» Guillermo Callau / Federico Ferreyra / Mariano Filippini / Fermin Indavere SUDACA TEAM - SUDACA/Electric Vehicle



June 20, 2014

a ring {giveaway} with liz jensen...(now closed)

Elizoebeth Jensen arrow ring

I'm a big fan of small, beautiful rings, and this arrowhead ring by Elizoebeth Jensen has become a favorite. Whether you pick your own birth stone or one representing a loved one, it's a ring that can be worn every day and always feel special. Today, we've partnered with Elizoebeth to give away one of these pretty arrow rings to one reader (a $445 value).

To enter, simply visit Elizoebeth Jensen's website, and then leave a comment here telling me your favorite colorway of the Arrowhead ring. The winner will get to choose your stone choice, gold band of choice, and size. (I love the emerald and diamond with rose gold band). Entries must be posted by this Friday, June 20th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. For an extra chance to win, sign-up for her mailing list right here.

Elizoebeth Jensen arrow ring

Also, Elizoebeth Jensen is offering a special 20% off discount for all Oh Joy readers on any item in the shop. Simply enter "OhJoy20" at checkout. Valid through Friday, June 27th at 11:59 PST.

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $445 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

{Top photo by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy}

Friday Eye Candy: In Pursuit of Summer

Even though here in Brasil we are still in winter, well let's call it winter even when it doesn't feel like that, I'm thinking of summer.  That's because we are soon leaving to New York for a month during the hottest month, July.  This has become a custom of our family to escape winter while seeking summer.

FABRICS - mecca for moderns

Alexander Henry's new MECCA FOR MODERNS collection is released this month and "reflects all the delicate modernism of Sweden". There are four patterns in the group - 'Stockholm' (above) which is a selvedge to selvedge border design with stylized leaf motifs and geometric particles, 'Karin' is a floral design and 'Kasper' an overall geometric. The delicate 'Arvika' is used as a mixer pattern.

ILLUSTRATION - holly maguire

Holly Maguire is a freelance Illustrator and pattern designer based in Bristol. Her work often includes detailed yet playful and bright imagery made using gouache, and pen and ink. Holly really enjoys being able to apply her work to homewares, clothing and functional items. Her patterns are inspired by vintage design, packaging, fashion and popular culture. They often feature elements of

Ursa Major: Traveler's Kit

ursa1.jpg We recently posted Ursa Major’s Traveler’s Skincare Kit on NOTCOT.org, and they were kind enough to send one over for us to check out in person! The Traveler’s kit contains minis of their Face Wash, Shave Cream, Face Balm, and five tonic-infused bamboo Face Wipes in a fun canister that shows off some of their lovely branding. In addition to the kit, there are also some stickers and cards supporting the Live Major motto and my favorite, “Always Awesome. Never Lackluster.” The Burlington, VT based Ursa Major is all about natural, organic ingredients to bring out your best. They test every product until it is a yes to the following three questions: “Is it effective? Is it healthy? Is it sublime?” Take a peek at it all up close on the next page.

TO PAGE 2 of "Ursa Major: Traveler’s Kit"! ----->

(Want more visual goodness? See NOTCOT.com + NOTCOT.org)

June 19, 2014

rolling with laughter: customized pins add flair to baking


Isn’t it a wonderful world when a young Polish designer who lives outside of Warsaw can suddenly find herself a design blog darling? I heard about Zuzia Kozerska and her beautiful, engraved baking pins via This Is Colossal and was even more enchanted after clicking through to Zuzia’s Esty page. A baker and a designer, she wanted to make pastries that were fun and delicious without spending an entire weekend slaving over them. Using a laser engraver (take that Star Wars fans!) Zuzia discovered a way to engrave wooden rolling pins with whimsical patterns, like cats, robots, dinosaurs and even charming Polish phrases (like “sto lat” — a birthday greeting which means 100 years). “It all started with my niece birthday, she is absolutely nuts about cats!” says Zuzia on Etsy. “I knew without any hesitations what would be the first pattern I would make.” Made from locally harvested beech wood, the pins cost about $42 plus $13 shipping from Poland. They arrive in a carefully wrapped box with local postage stamps to show off their country origin. Without a doubt, this is going on my holiday gift list — I do have some Polish bakers in my family!

pregnancy cravings...

Sprinkles Ice Cream

Half and Half Tea House

I'm so glad to finally have my appetite back (that first trimester nausea knocks me out, and I don't want to eat anything for the first four months!). Similarly to my pregnancy with Ruby, I have been craving the most random things. Right now (usually at 9pm at night), I want:

-shaved ice

-boba milk tea

-spicy cheetos

-mint chocolate chip ice cream

-french fries (specifically steak fries)

-a frosty

-a slurpee


-hot sauce

...pretty healthy stuff, hunh? It's like a teenager took over my body. I always find it funny to see what hormones do to your taste buds. Why can't I crave carrots or an avocado? What have you guys craved if/when you've been pregnant? Have you ever sent your partner out to get you something really crazy?

All I have to say is...the baby made me do it.

{Photos by Bonnie Tsang for Oh Joy from our past food adventures at Sprinkles Ice Cream and Half & Half.}

June 18, 2014

Rock Creek, Mammoth Lakes Adventures

0-main.jpg We recently disconnected from the world (and our technology) and disappeared up to Rock Creek up in the Mammoth Lakes area at the foothills of the Sierras. About a 5 hour drive from Los Angeles, 4 humans and 2 dogs went to go play in the woods! It dumped snow the first night we got in, but luckily it started after we were tucked away in our cabin - and the NOTpuppy, Bucky was lucky to catch his first taste of snow (which he LOVED jumping chest deep into) and the last snow of the season. The highlight was definitely good times with good friends and a chance to watch the dogs run free - frolicking through the streams and meadows till they just couldn’t handle anymore… which resulted in coming home and sleeping for a few days! Along the way we also found some amazing jerky, delicious pie, and had a near catastrophe with some flying carrion. Take a peek at the adventures (and a taste for what the NOTFZJ80 will hopefully lead to!) on the next page!

TO PAGE 2 of "Rock Creek, Mammoth Lakes Adventures"! ----->

(Want more visual goodness? See NOTCOT.com + NOTCOT.org)

Woodspot Light by Alessandro Zambelli

Surrealist artist René Magritte was the starting point for Alessandro Zambelli&aposs Woodspot table lamp, featuring an unconventional light diffuser with the "unexpected look of a three-dimensional frame".

Thank you Ada from Classiq and Coming Soon at Tyche

The beautiful Ada from Classiq has kindly interviewed me about my baby jewelry line Tyche.  She did an amazing interpretation of what Tyche is all about and I'm extremely honored and flattered to have answered her smart and interesting questions.  Thank you Ada for your support and interesting interview.  If you are thinking about becoming an entrepreneur or starting your own design line head over to Ada's blog, Classiq where I'm spilling some interesting facts and sources that you should know.  Enjoy!
Ah! and I can't forget to show you these amazing bracelets soon to come available at Tyche Jewelry.
A hand selfie

June 17, 2014

Samurai Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz

Some 400 individually movable keels construct a flexible skin on the Samurai Cabinet by Sebastian Errazuriz.

a home owner’s tough decision: taking down an old oak tree


In the four year’s since we’ve been living in the suburbs of New Jersey, we’ve seen the damage falling trees can do. During Super Storm Sandy, one neighbor’s house was whalloped by two trees, one on each side. Neither of them were theirs, but that didn’t make the holes they created any less big. We’ve seen mere limbs fall and smash cars, decks and playgrounds. Just the other afternoon, after a few rainy days in a row, we heard a crackling in the distance followed by a thud. Turns out a tree fell in a backyard a few houses down, hitting a playground that was occupied by children less than a half an hour earlier.

All this destruction has had made us look at the large oak tree in the corner of our front yard in a whole new way. Actually, we learned after consulting several arborists, that it was two trees competing for the same place. One went straight up, the other leaned precariously towards the corner of our house — the corner of the house that happens to house our daughter’s room. But the tree was by no means dead. In fact, it was teaming with life. Acorns littered our yard, delighting the generations of squirrels that called it home. In the summer, it kept the front yard shaded, allowing for hours of sidewalk drawing with little fear of sunburn. The leaves would hang on tight until late October or even November, before falling like a blanket overnight. For the past four years, we have spent hundreds each summer pruning branches and attempting to strengthen the two trees by tying them together with metal chords. Every storm that came through town caused a smattering of limbs to tumble down. One large one was caught on a powerline above and had to be removed by truck. But so far, nothing terrible had happened.

As I mentioned, we called in several arborists. Each gave an extremely vague assessment of the trees and their life span potential. The space they were in is too small for their competing roots. If one fell down it would take the other one with it. But it could be fine. No one was willing to lay their reputation on the line and say not to worry. So… we worried.

Last summer, after the tree specialists said they couldn’t say that the tree was safe, we applied for a town permit to have it removed. They turned us down and I was secretly relieved. Someone else had made a decision for us! We can’t cut it down. This spring rolled around and my diligent husband reapplied for the permit, just to see what would happen. Perhaps the town is worried about the upcoming storm season, or the unusually wet spring we had — because to our surprise they approved the removal. I was hoping we could wait to the end of summer to decide what to do, but it turns out that the tree removal business is booming. Our preferred local vendor told us he was booked through July and August but had a window to do the job if we did it soon. Was he giving us a line? Perhaps, but we went for it. (Note – cutting down a large tree is expensive! Ours cost thousands of dollars and we went with the lowest quote.)

Last week, the tree came down. We set up a web cam so I could watch from my office in New York City. It took two days due to rain, which seemed like cruel torture. I came home one night and the tree was still there, but stripped down of all its mighty branches. The remaining trunks came down fast the next morning. I cried as I watched. We managed to save two stumps that I hope we can dry out and turn into side tables. I was hoping for more, but having the removal company’s price would have been much higher if we needed them to cut us firewood as well. They take the tree and resell its mulch and wood, and that factor is worked into the quote they give you.

The day after our tree was removed, a wild storm hit our area. As usual, I stood listening after each loud clap of lightening, wondering what damage it may have caused. I definitely enjoyed the relief of knowing that at least our house and our family was safe from immediate tree-falling damage.


Now, in the place of our tree, we have a huge pile of mulch. We spread as much as we could around our yard, and neighbors have been coming by wheelbarrows to help themselves as well. A landscaper will come soon to smooth out the area, reseed it with grass, and give us ideas about what to plant next. I cannot wait to plant another tree! I know until we do there will be a hole in our yard, in more ways than one. What kind of tree will we plant? The jury’s out. If you have suggestions and recommendations, please send them my way.

Erdem Resort 2015

Erdem Resort 2015 collection is brimming with feminine lines, ruffles and polka dotted day and night outfits, mostly in black and white, worn with brogues in an attempt to make them look a bit weird, a bit cool.  A bit more wearable, if you ask me.  A beautiful collection to hold and behold weather for traveling or not.  Enjoy!

Images via Style.com

June 16, 2014

smoked s'mores in a jar...

Smoked S'mores in a Jar Recipe

Smoked S'mores in a Jar Recipe

After our Parent's Night Out dinner a couple weeks ago, I needed to know how to make the Smoked S'mores dessert that ended our evening and Room Forty was kind enough to share the recipe with us. If you want to make a truly special dessert, here's how to do it...

Smoked S'mores in a Jar Recipe

Smoked S’mores in a Jar
(makes 4 servings)

To make the graham cracker soil base, you'll need:
-7 whole graham crackers (1 cup/250 mL finely crushed)
-1/4 cup powdered sugar
-6 tbsp  (3 ounces) butter, melted

1. Preheat oven to 350°F (180°C).

2. Place graham crackers into a large resealable plastic bag. Finely crush into crumbs using a rolling pin.

3. Combine graham cracker crumbs, powdered sugar and butter in small bowl. Lay all the ingredients flat on a baking sheet and bake 4-5 minutes or until edges are bubbling.

4. After your baked off crust has cooled, place it into a mixing bowl and crush with your hands until you have a uniform crumble that has no big chunks in it. Your crumble should resemble the consistency of soil.

5. This will go down first into your jar of choice, then your chocolate mousse filling, and then one more layer of soil. 

To make the chocolate mousse filling, you'll need:
-6 oz chocolate
-6 oz butter
-1/8 cup instant coffee
-1/4 vanilla bean

Place a large pot of water on the stove to simmer, put all ingredients in a stainless steal mixing bowl, and place the mixing bowl on the simmering pot of water. Make sure the bowl is not touching the water. The steam from the water will melt all the ingredients. Emulsify the mixture with a hand blender when fully melted. Set aside for now.

Then add... 

-4 yolks
-3/4 c. sugar
-1/8 c. cognac
-1 tablespoon water

1. Place sugar and yolks in the bowl of a stand mixer. Mix on medium speed with the whisk attachment till the eggs become pale, around 2 minutes.

2. With the mixer on, slowly drizzle in the cognac and water till the mixture is fully incorporated.  Add to the chocolate mixture and using the above boiler method cook, everything until it thickens—about 8 minutes.

Now make a meringue to add to it with... 

-4 egg whites
-1 tablespoon sugar
-½ t. vanilla extract
-Pinch of maldon salt
-1/3 c. cream

1. Let the egg whites come to room temperature. Place them in the bottom of a bowl of a stand mixer.

2. With the whisk attachment, whip the egg whites on medium speed to form soft peaks. This should take around 3-5 minutes depending on the size of the eggs. With the mixer on, slowly drizzle vanilla, salt and sugar into the whipped egg whites. Add the sugar ¼ at a time. If you add the sugar too fast it will deflate the egg whites and you will have to start over. 

3. Fold this mixture into the cooked chocolate mixture after it has cooled to below body temperature.

4. Using a metal bowl and a whisk, whip the cream until stiff peaks form. Then fold your whipped cream into the above mixture.

The final step is to pour this mixture into your jar over the graham soil and refrigerate.

Finally, make the meringue topping...

-1/4 cup egg whites (about 2 large eggs)
-1/2 cup sugar
-1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
-Pinch fine salt 

1. Bring a few inches of water to a boil in a saucepan that can hold a mixing bowl above the water.

2. Whisk together the egg whites, sugar, cream of tartar, and salt in the bowl by hand.

3. Set the bowl above the boiling water and continue whisking until the mixture is hot to the touch (aprox. 135 degrees F) and the sugar dissolves, about 1 to 2 minutes. Make sure the bowl is not touching the water, the steam should be the source of heat.

4. Transfer the bowl's contents to a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment and beat at medium-high speed until they hold soft peaks, around 2 minutes. Increase speed to high and continue to beat the egg whites till stiff peaks form, around 3 minutes.  

5. Cool meringue, about 10 minutes. Then transfer this mixture to a piping bag fitted with a star tip and pipe it on to your s’mores mousse you have setting in the fridge. Using a small kitchen torch, torch the meringue just for a little bit of color if you'd like.

6. To add smoke (optional), use a jar with a lid and a smoking gun to add a woodsy accent to the s'mores and enjoy!

P.S. The graham soil can be made up to two days in advance and the chocolate mousse and meringue can be made the night before serving.

{Photos by Ryan Haack, recipe by Room Forty}

Can Minimalist be Cozy? Aesthetically Pleasing Rocking Chair by Muller Van Severen


A furniture project by Fien Muller and Hannes Van Severen, First Rocking Chair is a sling back chair that rocks in beautiful autumnal colors of Yellow Ochre and Burnt Sienna. As comfy as this chair is, its also an amazing combo aesthetic of industrial meets beach cottage and it would look just as awesome in a loft as it would in a beach side cabin.

Friction Intended by Daphne Zuilhof

With her project Friction Intended, Daphne Zuilhof explores the potential of "design for effort", proposing three examples that represent areas of potential for effort.

um, this is amazing...

Girls with Glasses / I'm Not Fancy

...just watch this and you'll thank me later...

{Video by Girls with Glasses}

a summer {giveaway} with hatch...(now closed)

Hatch Plage Dress

Hatch x Marysia Swimsuit

When dressing while pregnant, I try to keep my maternity-specific wardrobe to 25% or less of my full wardrobe since pregnancy is such a short period within one's life. Hatch always has beautiful and well-made pieces that are designed to wear both during pregnancy and after as well. In preparation for the upcoming summer, I'm thinking about ways dress my bump for the beach with pieces I can wear next summer, too. So in celebration of my summer adventures (and to help you with yours) I've partnered with Hatch to give away this Market Dress from their Plage Collection as well as a Hatch x Marysia bathing suit from the swim collection (for a total retail of $406) to one lucky reader. I have the two-piece suit, and it's so flattering with a bump or without!

To enter, simply visit Hatch's website, and then leave a comment here telling me your favorite piece from the site and where you'll wear it this summer. Entries must be posted by this Friday, June 13th, at 8 a.m. PST, and one winner will be chosen at random*. And, you do not have to be pregnant to enter or to wear these beauties! Good luck!

Also, Hatch is offering a special 20% off discount for all Oh Joy readers on any swim or plage purchase. Simply enter JOY20 at checkout. Valid through Tuesday, June 17th at 11:59 PST.

UPDATE: Congrats to Katelyn H. from West Bloomfield, MI for being our winner this time!

*Sorry, limited to U.S. readers only. Please do not leave your email or web address in the body of the comment, only in the allotted boxes. $406 USD total value. Winner will be contacted by email once comments close, and announced at the bottom of this post soon after.

June 15, 2014

Sunday Quotes and Happy Father's Day

June 13, 2014

A Glacier Adrift Soap by William Lee

William Lee&aposs A Glacier Adrift is a reminder to be gentler to our planet.

parent's night out...

Room Forty / Los Angeles

Room Forty / Los Angeles

Room Forty / Los Angeles

Before I became a parent, I said I would never become one of those people who doesn't get to hang out with my friends as much. But it totally happened. Life changes, you get busier, and you have to make a way bigger effort to maintain friendships—especially with other friends who have kids. Because, chances are, they've been too busy to make plans, too. Bob and I are usually pretty good about having date nights, but it's more rare that we get to see a handful of our friends all together in a kid-free and relaxing adult environment.

So I thought it would be fun to gather a small group of our friends who are parents together to have a nice dinner out all together at Room Forty's tasting room at The Fig House here in L.A. It was a way to have a private dinner that was cozy enough to feel like we were at someone's house without all the clamour and difficulty of a big reservation at a restaurant.

I chose a mix of friends who didn't all know each other super well but had a couple things in common in addition to being parents—everyone was creative in some way and at least one person in the couple was a self-employed business owner.

Room Forty / Los Angeles

Room Forty / Los Angeles

Room Forty / Los Angeles

To start off the evening, I thought it would be fun to have wrist corsages for the girls and boutonneires for the guys to really relive the days of our youth. It brought me back to my first date with Bob—the senior prom! Botany Flowers made some beautiful wildflower versions for each place setting, and we had our own "Bachelorette" moments pinning them on.

Room Forty / Los Angeles

Room Forty / Los Angeles

It's funny to hear what goes on in a dinner with ten parents—from labor stories to our shower habits to drooling over the food which was way more amazing than anything we'd be having at home.

Room Forty / Los Angeles

Room Forty's chef, Libry Darusman, created an amazing menu for us to enjoy which included these drool-inducing dishes:

-Gin agar noodles with green olive bolognese and blue cheese

-Fennel soubise, house-made tofu, compressed pear, regianno foam, and crystal flower

-Diver scallops, raw coco mustard, butter popcorn tortellini, and puffed black rice

-Black cod, beet duxelle, nicoise pain perdu, red wine butter, and tomato foam

-Gazpazzo consommé with smoked street cart fruit

-Rib eye cap, cheek pastrami, shitake tartare, smoked corn jam, carrot confit, and pea ice cream

Room Forty / Los Angeles

All topped off at the end with this S'mores made of graham soil, chocolate and coffee ganache, housemade marshmallow, and hickory smoke. I'll be sharing the recipe for this with you guys next week as it's too good not to duplicate at home!

Room Forty / Los Angeles

At the end of the night, we got to hear how the chef made various dishes (um, like the butter popcorn tortellini!) which is such a treat and something we never get to experience at a regular restaurant. There's nothing like getting a custom catered dinner on an intimate scale. With full bellies and refreshed minds, we all came out of it feeling like we had such a special night just for us and walked away with a stronger connection to everyone else we dined with that night. Catching up with friends over food is probably one of my favorite things to do ever. Thanks so much to Room Forty for the amazing meal and beautiful space to have our dinner.

I hope our night out will inspire you to make time for yourself and make a special night out to reconnect with your nearest and dearest.

P.S. As a catering company Room Forty's primary function is private events, but as big believers in community, they’ve opened up their tasting room for private dinners like the one I hosted. If you're in Los Angeles, it's a treat I hightly recommend.

{Dinner by Room Forty at the Fig House, flowers by Botany Flowers, photos by Ryan Haack.}

Friday Eye Candy: Life in the Bathroom

I love bathrooms with life and substance.  Bathrooms that easily tell their guest welcome and envelope them in a warm livable space.  Happy Friday!

cool kickstarters...

Oh Joy desk

It might be the business lady in me, but I am obsessed with watching Shark Tank and watching Kickstarter campaign videos. I love seeing a good idea come to fruition and the reasons that made it viable or not. It's amazing how one idea can turn into a whole business simply with a little help. Here are a few of my favorite Kickstarters right now...

Fly Tot

Fly Tot is an inflatable cushion that helps little ones sleep flat on an airplane which is tough to do on a regular seat once they've reached toddler age.

Dear Kate

Dear Kate yoga pants allow you to go commando (yep, commando) while being active. It's one of those things I never really thought I'd need, but after watching, I can see why it's so useful.

Beacon and Lively

Beacon & Lively have created a blue-tooth enabled cuff that alerts you when important people call, text, or email you so that you don't have to constantly check your phone and will be alerted with a simple vibration or illumination.

Reading Rainbow

Finally, my favorite childhood show wants to bring back Reading Rainbow in a web version for every child everywhere and at no cost for those children and schools in need.

Have you guys ever funded one? I've contributed to a handful, and I'm always so excited to see the ones that make it...it's like supporting a friend that you don't know but are really proud of anyway..

Argand Lamp by Quentin de Coster

Quentin de Coster&aposs Argand is a contemporary table lamp that revisits the "wick-lift" mechanism common in oil lamps from the eighteenth century.

June 12, 2014

World Cup Fever by Ana Strumpf: Good Luck Brasil!

Today is the start of the World Cup 2014 here in Sao Paulo, Brasil.  The Games kick off with Brasil and Croatia playing the first game after the opening ceremony, which is what I'm really looking forward to watching.  After a premature controversial decision by JLo choosing not to perform in the opening due to "production issues" everything seems to be working in her favor and she'll be performing the song "We Are One (Ole Ola)" together with Pitbull and others.  Good Luck Brasil!
Illustrations by Ana Strumpf via Style.com

June 11, 2014

I's that time of the year! Score these deals

This is the time of the year when it's time for stores to make room for their usually heavier and thicker but, fabulous A/W collection.  It's time to put on sale all the cool pieces that when at regular price, for many like me, is unattainable.  Towards the end of the sale things get even more exciting, almost impossible to ignore with up to 70% markdowns.  Here are my picks.
Peter Pilotto top with 60% offLanvin bag, Peter Pilotto dress with 40% off, Alexander Mcqueen Cutout leather boots has 30% off, Alaia Sandals and Giambattista Valli silk-organza skirt

kittens on a wednesday...

Oh Joy for Target picnic basket (kittens not included)

My friend, Jen, rescues kittens in her spare time and sent me this photo before she found these little cuties new homes. This photo is pretty much a pick-me-up for whatever kind of day you're having...

{Photo by Jen Gotch. Picnic basket by Oh Joy for Target.}

June 09, 2014

Elegant Wooden Furniture and Mirrors: Porada


Stylish and playful. Some almost whimsical. A little Dali, a little Eames. A lot of Danish modern. And all from Porada, an Italian furniture icon with a delightful catalog of wooden furniture. The table above was christened "Balance" and it's easy to see why. Sleek and artistic legs in Canaletto walnut support a tempered glass top - they're almost sculptural. Like a dancer, one leg posed just so. The glass, at 12mm thin (less than half an inch), gives the whole piece a lightness. It may look simple, but it never is.

Maja Wyh Wears Tyche

Maja Wyh wearing Tyche Swivel Ring, gold plated with two onyx cabochons.

the fanny pack...

cool fanny packs

For the last couple months, I've seriously been contemplating getting a fanny pack. I remember I used to rock an acid wash denim fanny pack with rhinestones back in middle school, but I haven't had one since. While being so active and chasing around a toddler, it sounds so convenient in theory but is it one of those things that should stay in the past? I don't know...these ones are pretty cute. Would you rock a fanny pack?

{Left to right, top to bottom: Clare Vivier dotty fanny pack, Raise Case fanny pack, Clare Vivier petite fanny pack, and Alex Bender hip bag.}

June 06, 2014

let's have a donut, shall we?


It's National Donut Day...and the internet is exploding with donuts (like this and this and this!). I've never actually celebrated one of these national food days because they seem so random and cause I'll happily eat a donut any day of the year. But I bought some for the office today because we had a great week with lots to celebrate. 

I wanted to say thank you to you, my loyal readers. I have put out a lot of things this year—new products, news of our growing family, new videos—I have shared a lot with you. Thank you for supporting everything I do, embracing it, and for truly being happy for me. From your comments, tweets, IG messages, Facebook comments, and now, Pips, the support means the world to me. I don’t even know most of you in person, but the love you have sent my way truly means so much and motivates me to keep chugging along. For all of that and so much more...thank you. I would send you all a big hug raining with donuts if I knew how to make donut-filled hugs.

P.S. Thanks to your support, Pippit is the #1 paid Lifestyle App! We've been working through the kinks of the first week and have an updated version coming out very soon. Also, we've compiled many of your questions into a FAQ section, so please check that out if you still have any questions or email info@pippit.co with any other issues you're coming across.

(Photo by Casey Brodley for Oh Joy)

Friday eye candy: Amazing Lanvin

The silhouettes and seamless construction of Lanvin clothing, as well as the amazing accessories make everything about it sophisticated and a work of art.  Enjoy your weekend!


All pictures from my Lanvin Pinterest board

June 05, 2014

Retail Therapy: French and Modern Side Tables

One of the things I admire the most about countries outside of the US is how individual they are.  How unique and innovative they are.  You won't find many designers copying others, especially when it comes to accessories either for homes or fashion.  That's one of the many reasons I love French Interiors.  Either traditional or modern design the overall result is about the person's own life and way of living.  Style is about the entire lifestyle, the way you dress, eat, travel, shop, think and everything you do in life encompasses your lifestyle.  And since Chic is in the details and one detail for home decor is side tables, here is a round up of French and Modern Side Tables for your inspiration.  Enjoy!
Blue, Gold, Top right corner, Prismatic table, Salvador side table, Starr side table, Tom Dixon, Costa side table, Free form table.

June 04, 2014

A Lesson in Style: Kate Lanphear

With an amazing background in fashion Kate Lanphear has a unique style of her own.  Tomboy, punk, edgy and clean are some of the words that describe her street style.  The T-Magazine style director has previously worked for Harper's Bazaar Australia and American, was senior fashion editor and then style director at Elle magazine.  One of the things I admire the most about her style is how she softens up the edgy tomboy with wearing the perfect accessory or should I say accessories.  She is rarely without wearing a few.  Enjoy!

May 30, 2014

Friday eye candy: Postcards from zurich

Our vacation is coming to an end too soon.  We left Istanbul three days ago and I already miss it.  I wish I could live traveling constantly, not only for the pleasure of experiencing and getting to know all the beautiful things in the world but, because it's a lot easier to blog about your experiences than having to come up with new and unique posts every day.  Every blogger can relate to those periods of dry spells when you sit in front of the computer with no idea what to post about.  But reality calls and after almost a month it's time to go back home to our duties and routine.  For now I stroll around this gorgeous and beautiful City one more time registering every corner with my iPhone.  Enjoy!

All pictures taken by me.

May 29, 2014

A Boston Brownstone designed by Nina Farmer

This beautiful brownstone designed by Nina Farmer is located in the chic and classic neighborhood of Beacon Hill in Boston.  Surprisingly I came across this house while at a cafe in Istanbul, where it is law for every cafe to have a reading section.  It was featured in House Beautiful Turkey.  The decor throughout is refined and eclectic with a few masculine furniture pieces.  My favorite area is the entryway which Nina converted into the dining room.  The walls and ceiling are painted in one uniform grey color, the ceiling itself is a magnificent work of art with a center skyline with a sputnik chandelier.  The brownstone seems to be very roomy due to the size of the kitchen that fits a big island and a spacious work area.  Enjoy!

May 26, 2014

Morini Cafe at Beymen in Istanbul

Beymen Department Store in Istanbul is like the synthesis of Barney's in New York.  Although they don't carry everything online, their stores carry all the exclusive and kind of hip brands that you can ever think of.  The Beymen located in the newly opened Zorlu Center also offers a gorgeous Cafe/Restaurant, Morini that is beautiful decorated with blue and white tiles, black and white mosaic floors, mirrored bar shelves and fresh and beautiful flowers.  Istanbul Interior Design is influenced by the City's unique location, between Europe and Asia, whilst being more European in design.  It takes its beautiful and unique style from its rich past of grandeur and splendor.  Everywhere you go you may find cozy and chic cafes decorated in different styles but always stylish.  Since I never feel ashamed to take pictures, regardless of where I am, I took some pictures of Morini Cafe.  It's better to do something even when it's not too cool than regretting not doing it later.

All photos by me

May 23, 2014

Friday Eye Candy: Happy Birthday to my Husband

  A Classic Mont Blanc Watch

Today is my husband's birthday and I'm happy we get to spend it with his parents and our little one, who is not really a little one anymore.  My hubby is a very humble person with one of the most admirable qualities I can only hope I had, patience.  Everyone who gets to know him falls in-love with his enthusiastic personality and kindness.  He will never let you know he already knows about the interesting fact you are telling him, instead he would make you feel incredibly important and smart.  I consider myself incredibly lucky to have him in my life simply because he is the best human being I've ever met, and since today is his birthday I'm posting the material things he has always admired and I hope one day be able to gift him.  He prefers everything that looks vintage and simple.  
It is also a tradition of my husband to thank his parents, especially his mother on this day.  A big congratulations to my mother in-law for having raising such a great person.
Almost anything john varvatos

One of his favorite places is the Hamptons.  If we ever are in a position to buy a piece of land there all the lots are taken then we'll end up in North Fork but, it's ok.  Probably by then its as chic as the Hamptons itself.

BMW 507

When we first started dating he had a huge leather sofa, in which I kept kind of slipping off and for aesthetics reasons I got rid of it as soon as possible.  Whenever we move again we'll get his forever "keep remembering me" leather sofa but, this time we'll meet in between and we'll be getting something stylish as this if not a chesterfield sofa. 

May 21, 2014

La Petite Maison Opened in Nisantasi neighborhood of Istanbul

New York has 5th, Zurich has Bahnhofstrasse, and Istanbul has its Nisantasi neighborhood, a very fashionable area with an impressive number of Designer Stores, hip restaurants, cafes and exclusive hotels.  Among the many designers shops, most of them second outposts in the City, is Chanel, Prada, Lanvin and Christian Louboutin.  Walking around the neighborhood today I came across the new La Petite Maison that had just opened up one week ago.  The French Mediterranean restaurant which originated in Nice, France is now owned by a London Company.  It has other locations in London, Dubai, and now in Istanbul.  The quaint restaurant with an outdoor terrace is located in The Park Hyatt where the interior design is the beautiful work of the Architecture Interior firm Sagrada and lighting designer Thierry Dreyfus.  We had a great lunch at the outdoor terrace which has an aura of "jardin a la Francaise" where I took a few pictures until you visit Istanbul one day. :) Enjoy!

Photos by me.  Bellow images from Google Images

May 18, 2014

Sunday Quotes

May 16, 2014

Friday Eye Candy: Postcards from Europe and New to Tyche

Bahnhofstrasse Neighborhood

We've been having a great time away from home.  We got to spend a few days in Zurich and plan to spend three weeks in Turkey.  It's amazing how time flies when you're having a great time and I can't believe almost two weeks have past.  Here are a few images from my Instagram account and also two awesome new bracelets (last picture) coming soon to Tyche.  

Lake Zurich

Paper factory around Bahnhofstrasse

Beyoglu neighborhood

TheHouse Cafe in Beyoglu

My cutie pituty is growing like crazy!  Beyoglu

The macarons in Istanbul are pretty good.  Pera Palace Hotel.

New Bracelets coming soon to Tyche

May 14, 2014

Retail Therapy: 5 Trendy Spring Pieces

The trend this Spring doesn't only include pastel colors.  The most trendy pieces this Spring are all about prints, especially artistic ones like the ones seen in the Celine Spring/Summer 2014 Collection.  It's no wonder that Phoebe Philo was named one of the top 100 most influential people in fashion.   Fringe bags, pleated skirts, comfortable shoes and pearl accessories are also coming along to decorate the clothes this Spring.
Skirt, Top, Pearl Choker, Fringe Bag, Shoes.

May 13, 2014

Vogue Editorial Inside Lazaro Rosa Violan house

While looking at the May issue of American Vogue I spotted a corner that looked strangely familiar to me.  It was the white chesterfield sofa in Lazaro Rosa Violan's studio with an oversized white architectural salvage piece behind.  Then of course I saw the script and there it was.  Photos taken at Lazaro Rosa-Violan Studio.  Then I did a little more research about it and found out at Lazaro's Facebook page that some of them were taken at his house. It is always great to see more of Lazaro's work and all thanks to American Vogue.  Enjoy!

Here throw the door we can see the Chinese panels Rosa-Violan had in another area of his studio. 

Model Sasha Pivovarova, singer-songwriter James Blake & editorial photographs by Mario Testino for American Vogue.